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The majority of my focus has been on integration of databases into websites to make them dynamic tools for the users and viewers. Most of the sites I've worked on for folks had to do with calendars, schedules, registration & volunteer signups, etc. - all functions that are facilitated through storing data interactively in an online database.

I've worked primarily with PHP and have found it to be a very flexible and logical programming language. My databases are all in MySQL. Since I've been using SQL at work for several years, I find that there's a large degree of shared knowledge between work & play that benefits both.

Take a peek at some of the stuff off on the right to see some things I've worked on.

So What is This For?


Trying New things

After designing numerous websites for different groups and organizations, I eventually setup this domain as somewhere to work on my own stuff. I don't get nearly as much time to work on new designs as I'd like, but I do what I can.

Aside from time issues in working on websites, the biggest hurdle I've had to overcome deals with the pure aesthetic of a website. In past designs, I have tended to be very focused on the logic and data structure and not spent a lot of time on what I considerd "frills" of graphic design and layout. The basic sentiment was "Hey, it WORKS! Who cares what it LOOKS like??".

It's taken a while, but I've pretty much abandoned that utilitarian bias. The look and "feel" of a website does affect how it is used and accepted. So I'm reaching out into some uncharted (for me) territory here; please bear with me {and come back often to see how I'm doing readjusting my design paradigm}

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