My 2005 Vulcan 800A

Welcome, folks.

This is my bike page. I'm a relative newcomer to riding. I'd wanted a motorcycle since I was 15. After 27 years of putting that decision off for one reason or another, I decided I was tired of waiting. Took the MSF course offered here in Georgia having never ridden before. Two full days of hot, repetitive, frustrating effort...and I've rarely had that much fun. Passed - marginally. I think the instructors took pity on me.

Spent the whole ride home from class with only one dreadful thought: 'I don't get to ride a motorcycle tommorrow'.

Four days later, I bought my bike. Without telling my wife. She humored me - a wonderful woman, my wife of 22 years.

Thus began my adventure.

About this site:

I decided I needed to start keeping better maintenance records for my bike. And I'm always finding links to interesting stuff about mods and performance, things I want to buy someday, etc...and then losing the link. So I decided to put everything somewhere I could keep track of it; websites are a hobby for me, so why not a bike blog. Hope you have fun poking around, and if you find something on here that's interesting or helpful please sign the guestbook and let me know.

One of the great things I didn't expect when I got my motorcycle was the wonderful community of fellow riders out there. Whether pulled up next to me at a stop light, giving a wave as they drive by, or in an online forum helping out a clueless newbie (e.g. me) with a question, I've found other riders to be almost unfailingly friendly and helpful. If this site points any of you to something good, it's a small way of paying that forward.

Ride Safe!

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